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Does life imitate art? If iRobot was never made, would we have android robots today using AI? Could SkyNet really be a thing, and what do we do if it is? That’s a lot of questions to ask, but the basic question is this: what happens when the AI we create takes over? Thanks for […]

photo shop.

I have a picture that I took. I edit the lighting, replace the sky, remove some unwanted items, and add a nice hue overtop. Is it still my photo? Thank you for listening and supporting us in our passion! If you’d like, you can buy us a coffee ☕️; we’d definitely appreciate it!

writer’s block.

What if I asked AI to “draw me a picture” or “write me an essay about ______?” Is the result my creation, or does it depend on how much input I have in the creation process? How much is enough? When does a creator become a curator? Let me ask ChatGPT… Thank you for listening […]